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Oahu Awaits Luxury Soy Wood Wick Candle: plumeria + melon

Oahu Awaits Luxury Soy Wood Wick Candle: plumeria + melon

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One of the first things you'll note as you step off the plane in Honolulu is the beautiful scent of plumeria greeting you, in the form of an intoxicatingly fresh and fragrant floral lei. One of our 6 original Destination Awaits scents, we've blended a hint of sweet melon with the iconic, exotic velvety flower for a unique fragrance that says "welcome to Hawaii, we're so glad you're here. Now, kick off your shoes, grab your flip flops & let's hit the beach".  Seriously, light this beauty and that's what she'll be telling you!  

***Bonus Awaits Crates match box included***

*Our scent stories have been thoughtfully tested & curated to uplift your spirit, evoke memories of travel and inspire special moments, all while illuminating your home. 

*Our artisanal luxury candles are lovingly blended and hand-poured in small batches in Ontario, Canada using high-quality ingredients.

*We use 100% all-natural soy wax, which burns much cleaner & longer than traditional paraffin candles. Soy wax is more luxurious, and offers a better scent throw, too.

*We use natural wood wicks that give off a cozy crackling effect while burning.

*We use premium essential oils and phthalate-free fragrances to ensure a healthy, enjoyable experience.

*Vessels are 100% recyclable, but we encourage upcycling

*Our candles will burn for roughly 40 hours for our popular 230g/8oz size, and about 20 hours for our smaller 110g/4oz tins. 

*Please review our Candle Care section & read warning labels on base of candles before use.

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