Our Story & Philosophy - Meet the Makers

Awaits Crates was born out of an idea mother & daughter team Tanja & Katja Steinbock had early on in the pandemic in spring 2020. While the ideas manifested at first through discussing missed travel opportunities, they quickly came to realize that not just the two of them but everyone was missing out – and missing their travel adventures, too. So, why not turn their love of exploring, celebration and handmade goods into a way to reminisce about travel and send good vibes out into the world, all while starting a new business venture!

They started their journey by realizing that while not being able to physically travel, it was still possible to create and enjoy everyday luxury escapes at home through scents. Fragrance can be an amazing cure for missing travel right now, transporting us across the oceans and helping us to relive memories. Fragrance can take us on a journey while remaining at home, awakening long lost stories about travel, places and relationships. Experimenting with scents that evoked destinations they’d been to, read about or longed for inspired them. That is why they chose to create a line of destination inspired candles, which are lovingly hand-poured in their studio in Ontario, Canada. Awaits Crates candles aim to bring some virtual reality to your wanderlust and even get you actively dreaming about a location, so that when the world opens up again, you’ll be ready to actually experience these scents locally for yourself!  Discover each curated scent, as it brings wonder, comfort, inspiration and relaxation to your home.

Awaits Crates custom hand-personalized tumblers also celebrate the spirit of travel, as unique accessories to take along and use everyday and also on your next trip. Reusable tumblers save on one use plastics and help keep additional waste out of landfills.

Uniquely curated Awaits Crates make wonderful gifts that honour travel, beach holidays, weddings & just about any other occassion you want to celebrate when you want to surprise someone with a unique and thoughtful gift! All items are either handmade in house or have been personally tested for quality and sourced and curated from other Canadian small businesses.  

A portion of Awaits Crates proceeds have been earmarked to donate to two non-profit organizations which help to eliminate poverty by empowering, supporting and connecting people through community tourism and have a positive impact on the people and communities travellers visit, to protect wildlife and marine life, and to care for the planet we call home.